5 Methods of Sending Files with Dropbox

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Dropbox has totally revolutionized the way people used to store their data. Its easy to use, handy and can be accessed whenever you want! In short, it is really amazing. But sometimes it happens that you want to put something in your Dropbox but you just don’t have access to it at that moment. What do you do at such moment? Well, thanks to some really cool developers, there is a solution. Many services have been created which can be utilized to send files directly to your Dropbox, without even using Dropbox. Cool, right?

So today we have a list of 5 Methods Of Sending Files To Your Dropbox Without Using Dropbox.Check them out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best!

Note: All these services need your Dropbox credentials to work, and you must authorize them within Dropbox.

1. URL Droplet

URL Droplet is an amazing service which allows you to directly download a URL into your Dropbox.

All you are required to do is to simply enter the URL and then Save it. The downloading process is really fast, and you don't even have to download it first. Definitely a time saver! It also cognizes the files already downloaded by you and those which are still in queue.

Some of the downers are that all the files are saved to main My Dropbox folder and you cannot change this. You can't change the downloaded file's name too. But on the whole, it is a great solution as it is quick and saves you a lot of time.

2. Send To Dropbox

It simply does what its name says -- it send files to Dropbox. It provides you a simply and fast way of e-mailing files straight to your Dropbox. You can then give this e-mail address to others too.

After signing up, an address is automatically given to you which can be somewhat altered according to your choice.

It also allows you to control where the files would be saved, make it extract zip files all by itself and even get a text or html copy of the e-mail right in your Dropbox. This service can come in handy if your friends, family and colleagues still use e-mail and not Dropbox!

3. sideCLOUDload

It is an awesome service which allows you to send files staright to your Dropbox or your e-mail simply by uploading them from PC or  downloading them straigth from a URL.

sideCLOUDload is a really flexible service and boasts some really great features. You have the ability of controlling the downloaded file’s name and you can even make a custom folder for it in which it would be downloaded. It has another really cool feature called the bookmarklet. Make multiple settings and get a bookmarklet for each. When using the bookmarklet, a window is launched in which you can just input a URL and sideCLOUDload will automatically open. Setting it so the URL is submitted all by itself when using the bookmarklet is also possible.

4. DROPitTOme

If you find creating requests and e-mailing an irksome task then you will definitely find DROPitTOme useful. It allows creating a personalized URL in which you (or others) can upload files straight to your Dropbox.

Sound unsafe? Worried? Well you need not to as you have the ability of setiing a password to this URL, so only the people who know it are able to access the uploading section.

The only tiny tedious task besides your Dropbox credentials is that you are required to create a separate DROPitTOme account, but on the whole the service is really cool. The files are uploaded to My Dropbox/DROPitTOme and you can't change it. But it is always good to have your own short URL which you can give to other people who can then use it to upload files straight to your Dropbox.

5. FileStork

This web-based service can be utilized to create file requests to be sent to your Dropbox. If many people send you files, or you want to give  someone permanent permission to send files directly to your Dropbox, then FileStork is an ideal service for you.

FileStork allows creating either a one-time request, that expires after the files have been sent, or one which will not expire till you delete it yourself. Creating a request is also quite easy. You can also determine what kind of files are permitted and set a password too. If you only permit document files, then this service would not let people upload any other kind of file.

An e-mail with request will be send to that person and then he would be directed to the uploader. Uploading files is also a breeze and even the not so computer friendly people will be able to use it.

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