Tools to convert Photos to Sketches online for free

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Dumpr is a simple tool to create digital photo sketch on click of a button. Just upload a picture from your PC or from your Flickr album or any web URL and get the sketch version instantly.
TJShome is an online image converter engine which can transform your photos to thumbnails, convert any photo to Black and White, or apply other cool effects. Look for “Sketch” option when selecting a process, then choose a picture to convert and click on Submit. Your pencil sketch image will be ready instantly!
3. BeFunky
BeFunky goes beyond a free & quick photo to pencil sketch solution, it’s an online experience. BeFunky gives you so many other options to manipulate your photos & pictures like inkifying them, stenciling them or charcolize them.
Frankly speaking, KusoCartoon is here just to make up the numbers. It’s not a bad tool as such, a simple alternative to all the 3 web tools above.
Know any other online tools? Which one you like the most? Just in case you are looking for an offline (PC) version,FotoSketcher is a nice option.
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